Image by Oscar Rodríguez Amado

Me and My Body, Together in Quarantine

“It’s April, two-thousand and twenty, and we have been in quarantine for about two months, we being me and my body. At the beginning, we were doing okay. Now, it’s May. Still no chance in sight of getting tested for COVID-19, and homesick.”

Image by Dima Kosh

Being an Asthmatic Stoner During a Respiratory Pandemic

“Now, in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak, I’ve realized that I am compromised. Since my adult asthma is mild, I don’t consider myself at high risk, but the realization that I am more at risk than, say, my live-in partner catalyzed a dialogue in my head with a most prominent concern: my breathing has…

Image by Lauren Ames

Itching for Understanding

“I entered the building and approached the front desk, where I noticed a framed photo of the man who I assumed was the doctor. The portrait showed him smiling and holding up his pinky as if to demonstrate the number one but choosing to use an unconventional finger. In my opinion, this was an attempt…

Image by Gianna Meola

Dating Worksheet

“Question #8: If you get blackout drunk at 8 p.m. and text your ex’s lesbian roommate at 10 p.m., how many unanswered messages later does it take for you to realize that you may have misread her energy in the kitchen that one time?”

Image by Noelle Campbell

Cocktails for a Newly Single Woman!

“Telling Mom      2 parts gin      1 part lemon juice       1 part ‘Would it kill you to put on a pair of heels once in a while?’”

Image by Daniela Lan

Elective Procedure

“Right as she walked in I told the doctor I was nervous. She brushed that off just as the nurse did. They say it’s not a big deal but I have sweaty palms and a squirrel heartbeat and one of my best friends prepared me with a comforting text: ‘It’s gonna be the worst cramps…

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